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Cryotherapy and Compression

Why we love Cryotherapy and Compression

Who doesn’t love a quick treatment with a long list of benefits! Due to Health Canada advertising compliance laws, we are unable to provide more information online.

Who is Cryotherapy and Compression suitable for

Anyone looking for an invigorating and stimulating experience.

How does Cryotherapy and Compression work

Cryotherapy means “cold therapy”, a technique where the body is exposed to very cold temperatures (-140 degrees to be exact). The experience starts by changing into a robe, socks and gloves. Afterwards, our cryotherapy technician will chill you down to -140 in about 3 minutes. With a long list of benefits and an energy boost like no other, you’ll be hooked. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.


Now introducing solo and duo pricing! Bring a friend, chill together.


Cryotherapy and Normatec Compression

Information on package pricing and group sessions for sports teams available at the clinic.

Cryotherapy Packages (per person)

20 sessions


5 sessions


10 sessions


Cryotherapy and Normatec
Compression Packages (per person)

20 sessions


5 sessions


10 sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

Great question, our cryotherapy technician will provide you with the essentials – socks, gloves and a robe. Underneath the robe, is totally up to you! Feel free to wear your undergarments. You will need to remove any metal jewelry from the neck down, including piercings.

The procedure is relatively quick (3 minutes to be exact) – the chamber will cool down to approx. -140 degrees.

Cryotherapy has been around for decades, but we are Ottawa’s first and only cryotherapy clinic!

Suitable for many! Most of our clientele consists of athletes and active individuals. See the athletes that do cryotherapy regularly,

NormaTec Compression Therapy is a cutting-edge recovery system that helps athletes recover and rehabilitate between training sessions or following competitive events. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery System consists of a compression device that surrounds your legs or hips. 

 These compression units then utilize compressed air to massage your limbs, leading to mobilized fluid and faster recovery and recuperation following intense exertion. Instead of simply squeezing the limb using static compression, this innovative technology utilizes pulsing, similar to what you would experience in a manual massage. The pulsing alternates between different zones while other areas hold, improving the movement of fluid out of the limbs. This occurs over a 20 minute session.